Help Us Help Our Children

Our aim is to impact and support pregnant women and children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana.

Test women for HIV (at the first antenatal visit)

Test Infants for HIV

Treat and Support those already HIV Positive

Track Mothers and babies to ensure they have the consistent care

Give babies Prevention Medication

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No more Sick Babies by 2025

International Orphans Day

Help Us Help Ourselves is Championing a specific day dedicated at remembering orphaned children. An orphan according to our definition is someone whose parents are dead or absent from their life. Even though some children have both parents living, each year there are thousands of abandoned children.

Help Us Help Ourselves aims to bring awareness to the difficulties faced by orphaned children. If the world is not aware they can not act. Our aim further extends to supporting orphaned children by actively sourcing scholarships, accommodation and support. We believe the World needs to stand together and remind every orphaned child that they are not alone.


Women Empowerment

Help Us Help Ourselves aims to Empower women to take control of:

Their Lives

Their Health

Their Opportunities

Their finances

We believed an empowered woman can be an asset in her home as well as in her community. We have workshops and events specifically targeted at women. Career advise for women and Business Projects For Women.